Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Review

The Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Review Diesel particulate filters of 0.3 micron with HEPA filters and three-stage cleaning. It has carbon filters that help remove stubborn odors, such as tobacco smoke, and Winx PlazmaWave technology to clear the air of viruses and odors.

Features & Best Air Purifiers

The Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Review has many of the standard features you expect from the company

Filter Type & Best Air Purifier for Home

It uses a triple filter system with fixed filter, carbon filter and real HEPA. Odors cannot pass through the charcoal filter; therefore, even persistent odors, such as strange cooking odors or cigarette smoke, remain trapped.

A real HEPA filter captures particles up to 0.3 microns. This prevents many pathogens from entering the air and becoming sick. You don’t have to change it as often, but it maintains its quality until you need to change it, just once a year.

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The charcoal filter can be washed periodically to update it and helps with really tough odors that can persist in the air for a long time. Cigarette smoke or the smell of food doesn’t stand a chance, especially if the fan is high. It must be replaced every six months.

Fan & Air Purifier for Bedroom

There are four fan speeds. You can choose any one, depending on the air quality index, but you can also put it in the car. The air purifier monitors air quality and adjusts the fan level based on the indicator. It tracks overtime without work and you don’t need to watch your device.

The two low levels are ideal for maintenance and minor odors, but the first two can withstand really low air quality. You can also set the timer to operate the device at the time you want to start it, whether you are at home or not.

Indicators & Winix 5500 2 Air Purifier

There are three lights indicating the air quality. Red means bad, yellow means fair and blue means good. The machine automatically adapts, depending on the air quality. There is also an indicator that tells you when to change the filters.

It also has a sensor to adjust the LED indicator based on the ambient light. He can see when the lights are off or dim and adjusts so that the device’s lights don’t shine directly in his eyes. This is a great option and we love the fact that they don’t look directly at us when they watch the movie.


Uses a simple black pattern with vertical lines and LED indicators. It is modern and combines with a more modern decor. It’s a little big, but it fits well under some circumstances. If your interior is light and airy, it may be a bit much, but in general it is simply a designed device that is not too much in most rooms.

Is It Noisy? & Consumer Report Air Purifier

Yes, but only at the highest settings. The bottom two settings are airtight, so they are quietly whispered. Unfortunately, the highest setting is too high. It can interfere with some activities, like light conversation or television, so I hope it doesn’t have to be too much.

How do you use it?

It is designed for medium to large rooms because it can regularly clean 360 square feet. We prefer automatic configuration because it allows us to leave, but if you decide to set it to a specific configuration, the automatic configuration will be canceled. If you are satisfied, you will need to choose again later.

Filters can be easily replaced. Just slide them into place and you’re done. It needs about 10 cm of space around it for air to circulate. When you notice that air is what you want, you can set up and forget about the car.

Controls are a weakness and some tend to malfunction. They can tend to stay in one color or change quickly from one color to another. Contact the manufacturer if you suspect that the light is not working.


We recommend this air purifier for people who have a larger room, but do not need a remote control. It probably wouldn’t be suitable for the bedroom because it doesn’t have a remote control (you would need to get out of bed to operate it), but it can be great for a child’s room in the lowest setting and in sleep mode. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or |