Nespresso Citiz Coffee and Espresso Machine

Nespresso Citiz

Enjoy the rich and complete flavors of Nespresso Citiz Coffee in seconds: city de longhi has redesigned this stylish and modern retro Nespresso Citiz Coffee single-serving coffee machine to take up less counter space, so you can recreate your favorite coffees from the comfort of your home. At just over eight inches wide, Citi offers the performance of much larger machines in compact kitchens.

Nespresso Citiz Machine

Thanks to the original capsule technology, fresh and tasty ground coffee is always at your fingertips. Specially formulated to maintain the freshness and character of each blend, Nestlé Nespresso capsules ensure the passage of the optimal amount of water and pressure. Just insert the original Nespresso Citiz capsule, place the cup under the spout, press the button of the desired size and voila, the patented technology of the Nestlé Nespresso coffee capsule and the pressure of 19 bars provide the Nestlé Nespresso (1.35 oz. ) and Lungo (3.7 oz.) fresh cream. every time. Each machine includes Nestlé’s original Nespresso capsule sample container with a range of capsules with unique flavor profiles.

The included Brbrthe milk frother and Aeroccino3 milk frother ensure flawless results at the touch of a button. Whether you like a delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato, or prefer to froth milk for a richer hot chocolate, Aeroccino3 is easy to use and clean. Made of durable stainless steel and featuring a comfortable black body. This electric skimmer is easy to use with just one touch. Press the button for one second for warm milk and foam, or two seconds for cold milk foam. Aeroccino3 features a compact design and turns off automatically when you’re done.

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