Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Gas Grill

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Gas Grill

Experience the best in outdoor grilling with the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Gas Grill. Perfect for backyard enthusiasts, this grill offers a versatile cooking experience with its two independently controlled burners and wide temperature range. Quickly and easily grill meats, fry eggs, and feed the whole family with this efficient and reliable model.
One of the top-selling Blackstone grills on the market, this model stands out for its versatility and value. Its clever design and ability to prepare a wide variety of dishes in minutes make it a standout choice for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor cooking setup.


The Grill offers a versatile and convenient setup for serving a range of dishes, including coffee and side dishes. Its durable and high-quality design makes it a universal and versatile choice for all your grilling needs. With the ability to cook a large number of foods at once, this grill is perfect for hosting weekly barbecues in your backyard.

The independently controlled heating area allows for cost-effective fuel usage and the option to only light one burner, making it a budget-friendly choice for families who love to grill all year round. Its easy-to-maintain and beginner-friendly design make it an affordable and reliable choice for anyone in search of an easy-to-use grill.

Kitchen Space

With 400 square inches of cooking space, this model allows for a wide range of dishes to be prepared, including grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and potatoes. In addition, the grill features two side shelves and a lower shelf for convenient storage of food while cooking. This model is not limited to just pancakes, but rather offers versatility in the dishes that can be prepared.

Press Start

Easily transition from a traditional charcoal grill with the convenient automatic start feature on this model. The battery-powered buttons allow for an effortless start to grilling, eliminating the need to manually apply charcoal and wait for it to evenly heat up. Simply press a button and the grill is ready to use in seconds. This model is a versatile choice that can easily replace any standard grill.


Easily move this grill around your garden with the added convenience of four sturdy folding legs and sturdy wheels. No more struggling to transport heavy charcoal grills, as this model can be easily dragged or rolled to your desired location. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of movement with this well-designed grill.

Robust Construction

Designed for long-lasting use, this grill features a stainless steel powder coating to resist the elements and prevent oxidation. The burner and plate are made of durable stainless steel and thick cold-rolled steel, respectively, increasing the grill’s overall durability and protection against adverse weather conditions. These materials also make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Enjoy a high-quality and reliable grilling experience with this model.

Heating Zone

This grill offers versatile cooking options with its two independently adjustable heating zones, each providing 15,000 BTU for a total of 30,000 BTU. The burners offer low, medium, and high settings for precise temperature control. The burner is powered by a standard 20 lb propane cylinder and can be easily hidden under a support side cover.

The grill also features four adjustable craters that offer different cooking surfaces for a variety of dishes to be prepared at the same time, including the heating grid, grill itself, and burner. With this model, you can enjoy the convenience of cooking a range of dishes simultaneously, a feature not often offered with charcoal barbecues.


This grill offers a convenient electronic stove for quick and easy cooking without the need for coal or kerosene. The large brazier is easily installed and user-friendly, making it a great choice for those looking to quickly prepare their favorite dishes. The only potential drawback to this grill is the fat removal system, which may require cleaning during the cooking process when preparing fatty meats such as ham or bacon. However, overall, this model offers a convenient and efficient cooking experience.

Large Stove

This grill offers a spacious oven, perfect for barbecue enthusiasts who want to relax while cooking. With four adjustable heating zones, it is possible to cook without fuel, making it a convenient and efficient choice for one or two people. Enjoy a hassle-free grilling experience with this large and versatile model.


Known as one of the best gas grills on the market, this model is perfect for grilling a wide range of dishes, including burgers, fish, chicken, steaks, and vegetables. The flat frying pan allows for perfectly cooked meat with a spicy or creamy texture, while preserving the juicy taste. Whether you prefer chops, eggs, or pots, this grill is sure to deliver delicious and perfectly cooked meals every time.


This grill is designed with easy cleaning in mind, even if the fat retention system becomes dirty during cooking. Simply use a screwdriver, hot water, and a stiff grill sponge to keep the grill clean and ready for use. To thoroughly clean the grill, fill the syringe with lukewarm water and pour it into a container. Use a sponge to scrub the grill and loosen any stuck-on food with a tool. Be sure to empty the dripping tray and lower the bucket on the spit for a complete cleaning. Overall, this grill is easy to maintain and keep in top condition.


  • 4 heating zones
  • Press max current
  • Grillen
  • Durable structure
  • Very portable
  • Powder coated body


  • If you use the grill to bake certain foods, it can be difficult to clean.
  • Drip bucket with small rack


The Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Gas Grill is a top choice for grill enthusiasts, offering a range of features including two burners, a stove, and a large grill. The ability to independently control each heating zone allows for cooking a variety of dishes simultaneously, while the stainless steel frame is designed for outdoor use. Large wheels make it easy to transport or maneuver this model on any construction site.

With the option to use each burner independently, this grill also offers fuel efficiency for smaller grilling needs. Its ease of use and maintenance make it a reliable choice for those who enjoy grilling all year round. Overall, the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Gas Grill is a versatile and convenient option for any grill lover. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or