The Best Collagen Pills with Vitamin C

Collagen Pills with Vitamin C
Item FormCapsule
BrandSanar Naturals
FeatureGMO Free, Gluten Free
Weight0.4 Pounds


  • Vital Collagen Booster: Collagen hydrolysate naturally increases skin elasticity, improves skin hydration, hair growth, strong nails and restores strong joints, bones and tendons. Our Collagen Peptide Tablets are your anti-aging vitamin supplement, skin and nails for your hair.
  • Your Body Loves Collagen: Collagen peptides stimulate the body to renew tissues and maintain a radiant complexion. Combine our collagen supplement with anti-wrinkle collagen cream and collagen moisturizing serum for great results.
  • Collagen Wrinkle Formula Beauty Supplement: Specially formulated to strengthen skin by reducing facial wrinkles, dark circles, forehead wrinkles and wrinkles over time. Our collagen supplement contains a powdered blend of hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I, III from cattle, vitamin C, vitamin E and rose hips in the form of a small gelatin capsule.
  • High Absorption, Premium Collagen Pills: A convenient alternative to collagen powder, collagen liquid, sugar-containing collagen gummies, and collagen injections. Our collagen capsules for women and men are easy to swallow and are ideal to store in your purse or pocket.
  • Made for You and Us: We believe it is important to help others live healthy lives since 1992 through high-quality tools we take ourselves. Our non-GMO collagen tablets are gluten-free, dairy-free and help maintain health, strength and inner beauty. Made in the United States in a cGMP certified laboratory with global ingredients.


  • Protein and Amino Acid Profile Helps Regulate Metabolism.
  • Supports the Digestive System by Improving the Intestinal Mucosa.
  • Helps stimulate the body’s collagen cycle for more efficient tissue renewal.
  • Our unique wrinkle formula contains vitamin C, a remedy that significantly improves collagen repair.

Hair, Skin, Nail

  • Maintain youthful, radiant skin for years to come.
  • Promotes quick & thick hair growth.
  • Builds strong, longer lasting nails.
  • Improves hydration, elasticity & firmness in the skin.
Strong Joints
  • Strengthens connective tissues & joints for better flexibility.
  • Helps restore and preserve cartilage.
  • Promotes speedy muscle recovery & preservation.
  • Increases bone mineral density.


Collagen is the main structural component of all tissues in the body. At the age of 25, collagen production slows down to a rate of 1.5% per year. This reduction in collagen contributes to weakening bones, dull and dry skin, joint pain, brittle hair and brittle nails.

Regenerating and forming new tissues is the main benefit of adding collagen to your diet! Our unique beauty formula includes vitamin C, vitamin E and rosehip. Each ingredient works perfectly together to help you build, maintain and recover collagen naturally.

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