Moen 7294SRS Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7294SRS

Moen 7294SRS looks like a reduced-size 7594, made of the same material, coated in the same layer, and has the same rounded and smooth aesthetic, except for a shorter neck.

Simplistic Look

The Best Kitchen Faucet to Buy Moen 7294SRS is a pull-out crane that has been tested and tested for use by many owners. It has a beautiful and compact body that fits into a smaller kitchen. Attractive wooden handles are ergonomically shaped and provide you with strong and comfortable adhesion.

People love the curvature of the faucet design, because the stripes are easy to blend in most decorative styles. There are four sets in the collection. From chromium stainless steel and spot resis Black matte and bronze polished oil, black stainless steel plates and resistance spots are the best sellers of 7294.


Faucet offers two spraying options: one for casual cleaning, the other for sticky food, using Moen’s Power Clean technology, which squeezes the flow of water and increases spray pressure. This gives you more power, but also more power.

Another thing we notice is when you turn it on again. Tapping always switches to airflow mode. This little function is touching because the normal power is sharper and sharper. Power Clean


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