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Originally designed for use on basketball courts, Adidas Superstar Sneakers Mens shoes are now popular with all types of people. You don’t even have to be active to play sports or wear a pair of Adidas sneakers. They are simple, aesthetically pleasing, and for everyday occasions they can be easily combined with pants or shorts. Can also be worn while working

The upper part is made of leather. The skin does not breathe like stonemasons or underwear, but it has its advantages. Leather makes the shoes more resistant to wear and protects the foot from moisture penetration. The heel is made of rubber, which makes these shoes more durable and protects them from wear, holes and moisture.

Protect your teeth from falling objects, people sticking or puncturing. The fingers are reinforced with extra rubber. The inside of the shoe is covered with artificial leather to breathe the feet, absorb moisture, keep them durable and in shape.

Men’s sizes range from 3.5 to 20. There are also half sizes. There is no choice for narrow or wide widths. The list of color options looks endless. Adidas Superstar Sneakers Mens shoes are available from reputable brands and at competitive prices.

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Bottom Line

Whether you need a pair of shoes to relax, work, walk, run or train, these shoes can offer everything you are looking for. The upper material is durable, comfortable and waterproof. The fingers have rubber lids that provide extra protection for your finger from punctures, abrasions, moisture, etc.

This layer layer is leather, which allows you to control the humidity maximally and keep your feet dry and odor-free. There are many, many color schemes available, and these shoes are made to fit the size of women, men and children; even if you have to search for them online separately.

Adidas Brand

Although Adidas started in Germany, it has become a global company. More than 57,000 people work. 49% of employees are women. 51% of employees are men. People from about 100 different countries work in Germany. Adidas produces more than 900 million products worldwide.

In 2018, sales exceeded $ 21 billion. It’s easy to see that Adidas is a big and successful brand. Although they make a lot of money, they are still simplified. Everything from design to production process and product placement on shelves is done in the simplest, fastest and most efficient way without losing quality.

Adidas products focus on sports, but many people choose to use them in their daily and social lives. There is nothing unusual. Comfortable, aesthetic, functional and available in different styles and colors to suit every taste. Adidas Superstar shoes were the first pair of shoes Adidas developed for basketball. Founded in 1970, they have since moved from people to the streets.

Adidas Superstar Upper

The surface material of Adidas Superstar is synthetic leather. This material is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. If something is synthetic, then it is man-made. This artificial product is stronger and more durable than genuine leather.

Synthetic leather can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Sell ​​at a lower price than genuine leather. The production of artificial leather does not harm animals. Synthetic leather can be made in different colors. It can also have a shiny surface. Genuine leather usually wears, but synthetic leather is more resistant to cracking. It is also resistant to discoloration caused by UV radiation.

Synthetic leather has several disadvantages. It can not breathe much and does not create a period like real skin with time. Some people want a current look. Unfortunately, synthetic leather creates more waste in the environment. It is more sensitive to cracks and holes and has no real skin odor.


This sole shoe is made of rubber, which is a very common material. It is a great choice because it offers durability and resistance to liquids. When walking in wet weather, rubber protects your feet. Protect your feet from points caused by climbing rocks, nails, etc.

Even if there are no buttons on the single, there is still a herringbone pattern to create more grip. More energy means you can expand your destinations and go the smooth way. The rubber also has a slip resistance without a special design. Rubber is abrasion resistant, which means that it becomes stronger when applied to surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

There are some drawbacks to considering rubber. Rubber is heavier than leather, plastic and silicone. Therefore, these shoes will be heavier than, say, a pair of minimalist running shoes. Rubber can also be soft if it is wet, and we all know if it is annoying.


The lining of these shoes are leather. Why choose food? Easy. The leather lining is breathable and offers moisture absorption to keep your feet drier and cooler. Keeping your feet dry and cool will not absorb bacteria that cause your odor. In fact, they are after your sweat.

Leather leather is capable of absorbing three times more moisture than weight. Some high-tech materials, such as microfiber, cannot compete with the skin in terms of respiration and moisture absorption. Microfiber consists of many small fibers with open pores, through which water can pass. If you have problems with welded feet, the best choice is leather springs.

If you like to wear tennis shoes without socks, consider choosing leather shoes. Thanks to its moisture-absorbing properties, it is ideal for warm, sweaty feet in summer. Among other benefits of leather suspension, leather is also friendly, durable and durable. If you are looking for a food that offers more airflow instead of focusing on moisture protection, try eye-catching shoes.

Toe Shell

If you only wear casual or social tennis shoes, you probably don’t understand the appeal of rubber feet. However, if you play sports, are active in weight, or gain weight, you can understand why it is helpful. The rubber cover on your fingers protects you from certain abrasions, punctures and splashes, adding a stronger layer of material where you need it.

Adidas Superstar shoes are called “Shell-Toe” because of their design, which has had a huge impact on the culture of slippers. During this shoe design process, the original idea was to connect the upper of the leather to the rubber sole. Professional basketball players are attracted by the new design.

Customers reported that wearing the shoes for the first time before breaking them caused little inconvenience. However, it only takes a few days for the rubber to be flexible enough to feel comfortable. Your feet will get used to the new and appropriate shape of the shoes. The leather of the toes protects the shoes from the usual traces of wear that are usually on the toes of each shoe. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


There are so many people in the world who have so many different tastes and desires. It’s impossible to serve everyone, but adidas really does it with its shoes. The slippers are available in different colors.


Adidas Superstar shoes are imported. It is understandable that some people neglect imported products. In America, this is very controversial because of the negative aspects. It is difficult for importers to find business partners, obtain licenses and documents, wait for payment, increase unemployment, start local producers, pay taxes, reduce land revenue and it is difficult to return orders when they are damaged. In the.

However, there are advantages to importing goods. If you import goods, it is possible to buy them at a lower cost. You can use things that are only available to the rest of the world.

You can buy higher quality products and also expand your education in other cultures. Importing goods makes it possible to discover new technologies to bring to the USA. You can travel, earn more and offer employment opportunities.

  • Smooth Leather
  • Finger protection
  • Simple style
  • Many colors
  • No width dimensions
  • Beware of Ripoffs


Many customers share their experiences and opinions about these shoes. Some adopt quality shoes with imitation, which is annoying. Make sure you buy from a reputable retailer.

There are some people who say that there are problems with the measurement, others say that the measurements are as planned. There are some people who hope to get more archive support, but it gets perfect arch support for others. Delivery was fast, although some packages were damaged.

Users report that these Adidas Superstar Sneakers Mens are durable and have a timeless style that is easily integrated into everyday life. Keep in mind that the price of these shoes varies depending on the size and style you have chosen. If you need shoes specifically for running, we recommend that you look at other options.

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