Methods of Choosing Sneakers To Wear Beautifully, Wear Long, Meet The Needs Of Use!

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Many go to see Sneakers. Although from home I decided that I would like to have a pair of shoes. Finally, when we arrived at the store, I still couldn’t resist. Because there’s a lot to choose from, this pair is beautiful and this pair is cheap. Every couple seems to be able to wear it anyway. So, how do we choose? So, we’ve included a few basic tips that narrow down our choices. Find the right pair of Sneakers in no time.

Choose Sneakers According To The Shape Of Your Feet

Have you ever wondered why some people wear some shoes, and it’s beautiful. They go so well together, look like long slender legs, but why do some people wear them and look so bulky? That’s because our feet look different. which also fit different styles of sneakers. Our legs fall into two main categories: bent legs and slender legs. For girls with bent legs, don’t worry at all.

Wear shoes that are slightly wider than the shape of your foot. To camouflage the legs so that they look slim and also help carry weight while walking. This style of foot, if you wear a Chunky style like Fila Ray Tracer or Asics Gel-BND, it will be very beautiful. If you pair it with a short pant or miniskirt, your legs will also look longer. Another category is girls with close legs. This group of girls can wear any shoes.

Choose Sneakers By The Nature Of The Foot

When we choose sneakers, we still need to choose the support that is suitable for our ankle rotation. When choosing sneakers, we should also approach our foot. They are divided into flat feet, normal foot and high foot. That is, there is a very concave area on the soles of the feet. For people with flat feet, there is a possibility of injury when applying a large weight.

Choose shoes that will be easier to balance when walking. The Skechers Arch-Fit model answers this question. For people with taller feet, choose shoes that support the arch of the foot. Maybe focus on the insole, which is a little thicker. Or there may be pads to support the legs inside.

Choose Sneakers Suitable For Use

Usually the sole is designed for various purposes. like sneakers. The sole on the heel is quite thick. to support weight loss, but for normal walking. The insole at the front of the foot is thicker than usual. gain weight when we set foot. If we choose the purpose of use, in addition to convenience, it also prolongs the life of the shoe.

Choose Shoes a Size a Little Larger

The best time to try on shoes is in the afternoon or evening. because this is when our feet are fully spread or if anyone is not sure because usually we always put socks on first Let’s take with us a pair of socks that we regularly wear to try on shoes. Leave a little thumb or ankle away so that there is no friction when walking until the shoes bite. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or