Overall, New Balance 990 V4 Mens is the quality, durable and comfortable shoe choice for tennis enthusiasts. And while the New Balance 990 V4 Mens seems quite large to some users due to its design, it is still praised for its excellent fit.

new balance 990 v4

Highlights of the New Balance 990 V4 Mens

Made in the USA. One of NB’s best models, these shoes are made in the USA at New Balance factories in New England. It was a success for the National League with great skill.

Comfort. New Balance has always believed in the perfect combination of cushioning and stability. So make sure everything is available in the new 990 v4. The style and color scheme of the shoe may not be the most attractive, but it is still appreciated by the type of wearer, prioritizing functionality over appearance and structure. Footwear. With its simple design, the New Balance 990 v4 is easy to use and can be a great footwear companion.

Universal. New Balance 990 V4 Mens is designed for practical everyday use thanks to its durability and stability. The wide range of sizes is one of the shoe’s strengths and also shows that it is designed to be as versatile as possible.

New Balance 990 v4 vs 990 v3

Respiratory tract. NB made the 990 v4 mesh 30% more open and breathable than the 990 v3.

Since the appearance of the brand, this model should be similar to the first in the series. At the time, they designed the look of the 990 v4 to mimic the original 990 tennis shoe. The “N” logo design has still been removed from the current colorful and reflective design in a streamlined design to emphasize the lightness of the brand.

Support The 990 v4 now offers a significant improvement in midsole support thanks to the latest midsole design. The new shaping system of the midsole features ENCAP technology, which means that the shoe always offers stability and comfort. The advanced ENCAP midsole is also designed to provide great support, especially for runners and outdoor enthusiasts who have a reasonable overcapacity and need extra help in the stability department.

Ribbons Another update is that the laces can now be rolled up, rendering the laces in a modified language. The mechanic ensures that the tongue is attached to the area and also prevents the tongue from sliding sideways, causing discomfort to the user.

Mirrors The 3M is an impressive addition to the overall silhouette of the New Balance 990 V4. This feature is built into the tennis so you can watch it late at night or in low light conditions. It also helps increase user safety when seen by drivers at night.

  • Safety – Many New Balance 990 v4 review, like its older sister, are required to fasten the straps and keep the flap in place.
  • Visibility – Many runners who enjoy running at night will appreciate the 3M Reflectivity safety feature of the New Balance 990 v4.
  • Durability: Midfoot support features ENCAP midsole technology for a smoother, more stable ride.
  • Durability – Many testers generally praise the series’ reliability, and this praise continues with the new version.
  • Comfort: Some reviewers also like the dual-density collar, which makes the shoes more comfortable than previous versions.
  • Craftsmanship: Despite its high price, the high quality of the 990 v4 has attracted many drivers.
  • Above all, most of the complaints about the New Balance 990 v4 are due to its oily appearance and weight.
  • Firmness: It is very difficult for those seeking greater flexibility in the legs.
  • Traction – Some users find the outsole tough and slippery, especially on concrete floors.