Nike’s old charm, the Nike Air Max 97 All White, continues to fascinate consumers with its charm. The curved lines of the lid give it a distinctive character. While it takes time to get in shape, buyers make sure these shoes provide the comfort and cushioning they need.

It is quite baggy, but most people who choose a standard size like it to fit well. It may be full of details, but for simplicity it weighs less on your feet than in a bag.

nike air max 97 black


The return of the Air Max 97 in different colors has always attracted many tennis fans. What makes it stylish and comfortable is that it has no hard-hitting details or poor-quality materials.

Even the monochrome versions offer a killer victim thanks to the soft leather, tabs, and reflective details on the upper. The lower air block offers comfort and relief to the feet thanks to its reactive properties.


The Nike Air Max 97 All White is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Features a ghillie buckle system for a custom fit. Patented padding on a durable rubber outsole with a modified waffle base.


It seems like Nike has an eternal goal of recreating the Nike Air Max 97 All White by dressing them in a variety of colors, from monochromatic space and metallic colors to multi-color prints and prints. Below are some style guidelines for both genders using the most popular AM 97 colors.

Nike Air Max 97 Women’s Style Guide

Nike Air Max 97 Rose Gold

If the metallic tone of the Nike Air Max 97 is too high for your style, the rose gold tone of the Nike Air Max 97 may be more desirable due to its humble and decidedly feminine look. Slip on this pink shirt and a white jumpsuit or sparkly ruby ​​tee, denim jacket, and black leggings for a quick brunch with friends or dive into the madness of nightlife. On the weekend you can pair it with black tents and a short black sweater for a sporty yet elegant look for your next casual business meeting or long trip.

Nike Air Max 97 Red

A great combination of a slim black V-neck blouse, long black wrap jacket and black leggings with a bright red or red Nike Air Max 97. Or you can wear short skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black leather motorcycle.

Nike Air Max 97 Pink

Show off the feminine style of the Nike Air Max 97 as Pink White with a light gray jogger, brown capris or dark blue or white padded jeans, sleek and sophisticated midi skirts and pastel V dresses.

Nike Air Max 97 Men’s Style Guide

Nike Air Max 97 Black

Pair this retro ’90s style with skinny black jeans, black fashion, or a long-sleeved polo shirt and long black jacket.

Nike Air Max 97 White

White trainers like the Nike Air 97 versions add class when you wear pointy trousers with navy vertical stripes, a padded polo shirt, and a navy blue jacket that hugs the staff. If you want to look extravagant, pair it with black cotton pants, a light-colored collared blouse, and a black jacket.

Nike Air Max 97 Blue

If you want to add a significant but sporty interest to your daily routine, wear these shoes with grape pants, a white shirt topped with a bright gray blazer, and complete the look with a dark brown double breasted blazer.

Nike Air Max 97 Gray

Pairing a light blue khaki with a long-sleeved shirt and Nike Air Max 97 Wolf Gray sneakers is a great option for casual wear. Graphite wool pants with pumpkin gray felt heels and a beige cardigan is a classic and fantastic look. For a serious look, go for black rolled up jeans, a round black sweater, and a big red jacket.

Nike Air Max 95 VS Nike Air Max 97

The 2 year difference doesn’t seem like a big difference for the Nike Air Max 95 and 97, but if you look at every detail, each one is free. Realizing that they both look very futuristic, the paradox of both destinations is that the AM 95 was inspired by human anatomy and the AM 97 was born from a raindrop and a Japanese train.

Although they both use Air Max technology, hence their name, there is a gap here. The first 95 models were equipped with airbags in the heel and forefoot to adapt to the curves of the foot. The Nike Air Max 97 is the first of its kind to use this technology, as it has recently formed air bubbles. A full-size airlock that covers all the legs is just a progressive design.

  • Many buyers who forget the first few releases of the Nike Air Max 97 are happy to bring back an ancient soul.
  • Many people think that these urban sneakers are a great option for the summer because they don’t keep their feet warm.
  • As many fans have said, these Nike shoes quickly recognize the shape and shape of your shoe.
  • Most consumers say they love this shoe.
  • Enthusiastic wearers say that they can easily wear these sneakers multiple times a week.
  • The single full-size pneumatic element impresses many users by protecting their feet from shocks.
  • Many AM 97 followers who are still amazed by the support structure of this profile find it in abundance.
  • Some users like the sophistication of their designs.
  • Many users can prove that it is not difficult in appearance.
  • According to many users, the Air Max 97 shoes for men and women are slightly wider than the normal width.
  • It takes a long time to adjust this shoe.

You to know

  • Includes heels and tongue for a more natural ankle.
  • Mini Swoosh labels are located on the tongue and medial area.
  • The air bag is inflated with compressed air to provide fragile shock absorption.