Brook Ghost 13 Reviews

Brook Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 Reviews

Brooks Ghost 13 Mens

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a beautiful neutral day with a steady steady walking speed. The highlight is the plush lining that has been updated with Air Mesh to make it more breathable and cool.


  • Perfect comfort
  • Stable driving
  • Breathed
  • Excellent grip
  • Fluid changes
  • Wide tip


  • Inability to respond
  • Very soft
  • Very flexible
  • Not a wrinkled tongue
  • in the meantime
  • heavy


The Brook Ghost 13‘s midsole features double Loft DNA foam on the side and BioMogo in the middle. The two foams have the same density, so the driving is balanced and stable as well.

Plus, you won’t notice the perfect DNA Loft Ghost 13 while running, and the midsole is the same shape, so there are no seams or holes for the two foams.

Brooks Ghost 13 Mens is reasonably beautiful, like Ghost 12 and Ghost 11, like most other versions of Ghost. The versatile shoe that every coach looks for every day means a moderately smooth ride.

The Ghost 13 provides lightweight coverage from 10 to 25 miles, but its midsole isn’t very soft, so it can handle the occasional hike, although its weight can be an issue.

The Ghost’s 12mm toe cap is larger than other regular running shoes, making it the perfect shoe for beginners who tend to slap on the back.

Additional foam in the heel provides additional cushioning in the heel of the cushion. I also felt that the uniform 12mm slope helped me with the field and made shifting easier.

The stability of the Ghost 13 is excellent and it remains one of the most stable and serious buses money can buy.
The midsole is not thin because its density is not very soft, and the foot is under the black part of the midsole, which acts as a guide, keeping the foot in the middle during turns.

Only the Brook Ghost 13 Running Shoe has two different tires: a thicker rubber in the heel and a softer rubber in the forefoot.

The rubber Brooks uses is soft, has a porous density, and the rubber outsole is thicker than most shoes.

The full touchpad provides a seamless transition to Ghost 13.

There are three wide elastic grooves that cover the entire width of the shoe under the forefoot, giving the Ghost 13 a flexible feel.


At the top of Ghost 13, Brooks was ahead of all other brands. She had a new soft leotard they call Air Mesh.

My first race was on a cold winter morning and I felt cold air under my feet so I was really slow to breathe.

The remaining top is what you would expect from Brooks Ghost. It has a large amount of foam on the tongue, neck and heel.

Their tongue does not have a bellows, but thanks to the large wings that hold them, the tongue is not slippery.

A sturdy inner foot supports the heel well. The back row also has double heel eyes, but I didn’t use them.
The ends of Ghost 13 have plenty of legroom. The tip design and base also have an internal tip.

The heel is more aerodynamic and not as luxurious as the Ghost 12. The softer heel effect is that the foot sinks deeper into the shoe, freeing up front space.

This makes the front of the Ghost 13 more spacious than the Ghost 12.

The standard width and large front of the Ghost 13 are best suited for wide runners looking for extra legroom.

If you have a narrow shoulder, you may need to purchase the narrow version. In addition to the narrow and standard width, it is also available in a wide and extra wide version.

Reflects stripes on both sides of the front and heel for better visibility at night.


If you want to have fun and have fun, buy Ghost 13. If you want a smooth and stable ride, you can buy Brooks Ghost 13 Mens.

The Ghost has no major flaws and is a well-balanced shoe. Ghost 13 has something for everyone, from beginners to marathon runners. You can do simple runs, recovery runs, and even run if you’re not worried about weight. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or |