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Adi Dassler launched Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Women to create functional sportswear. Now Adidas is far from the first model and has had a big impact on both the fashion and sports industries. Recently, I’ve seen Adidas transition from classic sportswear to elegant sneakers and streamlined gear. This Adidas Cloudfoam Pure is in the middle. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure stands out from plain old tennis shoes, meets the ultimate comfort for shoe lovers and offers a slim profile and stylish, modern silhouette that won’t disappoint the fashion department. It’s a luxurious choice to be light on the go, but also a favorite new accessory.

Recently saw Adidas make the transition from classic sports to stylish shoes and refined equipment. This Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Women is in the middle. The Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Women stands out from the old sneakers ever, offering the best comfort for shoe lovers and offering a slim profile and a modern silhouette that will not disappoint the fashion department. It is a luxury option for lighting anywhere, but it is also a new favorite accessory.

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adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe Read
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The full mesh and low top make this shoe extremely comfortable, even in hot weather. The mesh above is amazing if you don’t have the patience or time to put on a shoe before it looks amazing to you. Cloudfoam Pure ultra-breathable top is lined with membranes that allow hot air and moisture to escape from the fabric. Avoiding sweaty feet is the key to comfortable shoes that can be worn long-term.

By using Cloudfoam Pure, you will instantly feel the difference between their leather styles, wrap your feet without insulating them, and keep the heat close to your skin. If you already feel dirty and unpleasant with your sneakers, this is the kind of solution you should look for. Another unexpected feature of Cloudfoam Pure technology is that it allows air to rotate, which means it has a temperature that controls the effect, in addition to reducing sweat problems.


Brand name Sneakers can cost a lot for their casual, less functional style. When there is a high level coach at an affordable price, we do not hesitate to look at it carefully. The adidas Cloadfoam Pure is a great choice for people of all budgets, while at the same time a very stylish sports luxury aesthetic.

Support for the coating process, socks like high quality and high quality materials, is the daily bread for stealing. This does not mean that you should forget about the sharp looks or the classic features that make the adidas icon climax instantly recognizable and stylish, as evidenced by the fashion profiles we found in some of the hottest latest season.


Not only can everyone be proud of this small selection, it comes in a variety of colors to suit any personal style. Adidas defines most colors as solid colors, so this Cloudfoam Pure can find pairs that pop or match a standard clothing palette.

The pastel colors of these shoes are far from the bright and accented neon options of the past. The iconic adidas tie is located on each side panel outside the shoe in white or matching colors. If you are looking for a modern enhancement to classic or classic black and white sneakers, I found it.


One of the most frequent reproaches of Cloudfoam Pure is that it offers comfort to the user. Featuring the aforementioned EVA midsole, this Adidas has a solid base for extreme running shoes. Inside the shoe is a slightly shiny insole that uses EVA joints.

This insole is also used in the Neo line and can be comfortably worn throughout the day. Adidas adherence to the disease goes even further, because the flexible, perfectly connected rod does not hold and does not swing in one direction. A fresh and soft final product that will roam among the clouds. These are the last shoes that have been tried.


Of course, all this gives great flexibility. Lightweight and stylish material is very flexible because it does not strengthen when attached to a sole that is too heavy. These outsoles bounce shoes off the floor each time you exercise, reducing the labor cost of lifting heavy shoes on the floor.

This causes the wearer to consciously push the foot off the floor for more energy, create more favorable muscle exercises, and reduce overall body pressure. The shoes are attached to both the top and sole of the foot, allowing you to move more effectively with your feet over a short distance. The way the top fits snugly around the leg provides natural movement of the fabric.


Adidas manufactures midsoles that belong to a completely different league than other shoe manufacturers. The name Cloudfoam Pure comes in part from the engineering topic and the technical topic continues. The durable outsole is hardened with a patented Cloudfoam EVA mix, making this material very flexible and elastic. There are many outsole options, but the outsole shrinks over time.

Cloudfoam Pure Sneakers don’t wear out in the long run, but withstand more extreme situations. The durable and stable midsole is very important in lifelong shoes like Adidas.


Like the incredibly popular Yeezy Boost, the silhouette of this tower is exactly Adidas due to its shape and design. A low collar appears on the heel, giving the two-tone mesh upper a concave feel, and the adidas tongue on the heel is a sports complement to this simple, clean shoe.

It looks balanced with a slightly protruding sole from the thin upper part of the shoe, but the edges are a bit rough. For lace, a thin lace fits on top of the piece. The protected cord does not tie the fabric like any other upper part of a similar design.

The magical finish of the tongue and neck adds sophistication to the overall top of Cloudfoam Pure. Add very fine detail to differentiate it from similar style shoes.


Surprisingly colorful, but the softness is unbearable. A slight slope compared to other similar styling shoes can reduce heel roughness and weight, but does not affect the overall support of Cloudfoam Pure. The arched support is very small and nothing can protect the top or side of the foot.

If your legs are naturally lifting weights, the legs may be misaligned to the outside as you cannot hold them properly when moving them straight forward. His exceptional comfort charms undermine the overall composition of this adidas.


There are no problems with these Adidas sneakers, but if you are looking for very safe shoes, this is not the best option. It is not necessary to be surprised when the wide, slightly shallow handle on the underside of the boots slides in different places.

On other surfaces with Cloudfoam, this cannot be fully taken into account. The foam as a whole tends to be softer on the surface than rubber, which slides much more easily on smooth surfaces. In general, if you do a lot of outdoor activities or run on the grass in particular, you may be wasting a better option. Don’t expect this casual option to cover as many shoes as possible to overcome this obstacle.


When considering which shoes to buy, the weight that is important to the merits of a shoe can be a forgotten resource. Light shoes reduce fatigue during long workouts at the park or gym.

Of course, Cloudfoam Pure will improve your steps without overload. Running in very bulky shoes and problematic shapes that cause problems with the feet, spine and joints can be very harmful to the body.

Cloudfoam Pure is not a problem because it is made of soft foam rather than heavy, balanced heels that effectively balance every step. Wearing light shoes is different from others. These Adidas will soon be your new favorite shoes for the carefree experience you are looking for.

Bottom Line

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure is loved and your opinion reflects that it is the perfect choice for casual wear. For those who often want to buy shoes that are as good, simple and smooth as usual, this is a great addition to the owner’s smart shoe collection.

Combining the look of a sporting activity with classic, slightly feminine details, these are the shoes you should try when you want more. However, this is not for those who are looking for serious indicators, they are wearing sneakers, but you should expect to run a race or triathlon anyway.

When used for intensive training, it doesn’t help your posture, legs or shoes. The value here really depends on what shoes you should wear when you wear them, or what to wear when you lift them, and whether it is a better option.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cloudfoam technology
  • Flexible sole
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Sock design
  • Stylish silhouette
  • Limited Overlays
  • Runs Large

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