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iRobot Roomba 980 Review

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Performance : The Roomba 980 Review AeroForce carpet-reinforced cleaning system delivers 10 times more energy than the Roomba 600 and 700 series. The model 980 can also be used on parquet floors, tiles and laminates and comes with anti-hook combs for easy selection of animal hair. This filter removes 99% of allergens, pollen and other small particles, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.
Technology The impressive performance, features, features and values of the Roomba 980 make it the number one in our list as the best Roomba today. It supports some of the brand’s most advanced technologies, including the iRobot Home App that can be programmed with your favorite device, and boasts 120 minutes of run time before you resume automatic charging and cleaning to complete your work.

Buying Guide For Best Roombas

If you want to make your home as comfortable as possible, always make sure it is clean. But keeping track of all your housework can be a hassle and take a long time.

Vacuuming is probably one of the most burdensome cleaning tasks.

Nobody wants to pull a heavy vacuum cleaner and worry about tripping over a wire – and if you live in a two-story house, you also need to drag the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

This is not a good way to spend an afternoon, right?

It’s only worse if you have children who leave crumbs on the road or animals that search everywhere. Vacuum almost every day to keep the house clean, if applicable.

Fortunately, you can keep your home clean and save valuable time by investing in Roomba. These robotic vacuum cleaners are small but powerful so that they can do all the work for you, so you can do other cleaning jobs – or relax on the couch with a good book – instead of wasting time vacuuming.

Does this sound too good to be true? We pass on all the facts and share the thoughts of our cleaning expert Allen about Roombas and ways to maximize its usability.

How does Roomba Work?

Roomba is a small computer-controlled disk-shaped vacuum cleaner. It automatically moves around the house, using rotating brushes to collect dirt and debris as it slides across the floor.

The side brushes sweep the dirt under Roomba, while the opposite rotating brushes bring dirt into the vacuum cleaner sucked into the trash can.

To automatically move around the house, Roomba uses a set of pre-programmed instructions and built-in sensors that prevent it from hitting the walls and furniture.

Roomba has a battery that provides the energy needed to move around the house. It is equipped with a charging station where you can store the vacuum cleaner when not in use, so you know that it is always ready for use when you want to clean it.

Roomba Advantages

Roomba has many advantages, making it an ideal home cleaner.

For many people, the main attraction is the time they can save on someone’s cleaning the house. While it cleans itself, you can continue with other cleaning tasks, while vacuuming does it for you, so your home can be cleaned more efficiently and faster.

Roomba is also an ideal vacuuming option for anyone with reduced mobility. You don’t have to push or move it anywhere, and because it cleans itself, you don’t have to stand still to vacuum the house.

Roomba can also easily stand under most furniture, so you’ll never have to worry about powdered rabbits or pet dander re-accumulating under the sofa.

Please note that Roomba, due to its small size and appearance, unfortunately cannot offer deep cleaning, especially for floor coverings. Allen, our cleaning expert, recommends a double carpet cleaning strategy: the Roomba robot for daily fir cleaning and a full-size vacuum cleaner with power and filtration for weekly deep cleaning to protect floor investment and health.


Type of flooring When looking for Roomba, first consider the type of floor you will use it on. The cleaning heads automatically adapt to each Roomba model, so they can be used on all types of floors, including wood, tiles and covers. However, some models are more suitable for rugs than others.

If most floors in your home are covered with a rug, you can choose Roomba with a deeper carpet cleaning. These vacuum cleaners automatically increase the cleaning power of the carpet, removing as much dirt and contamination as possible.

3 Stage Cleaning

All Roomba models have a patented three-stage cleaning system. Vacuum cleaners remove dirt and debris, lift and vacuum to effectively clean floors.

However, some models have more air force to make the cleaning process even more effective – some Roombas have five to ten times the air force of the lower models, enabling them to more effectively remove trapped dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to choose the higher Roomba series.

Battery Life

All Roomba vacuum cleaners are battery powered, but not all batteries offer the same cleaning time. The battery life of the vacuum cleaner determines how long Roomba can be cleaned before charging, so it’s important to consider when shopping.

If you have a large house, you can invest in a model with an extremely long battery.

Some Roombas are equipped with 60-minute batteries, while other medium-range models have a range of 75 minutes. For older Roomba robots, find a model with a battery life of about 120 minutes.

Self Charging Capabilities

Each Roomba model has an automatic charging function, which means that they automatically go back to the docking station to charge when they are low.

However, they will no longer clean up; therefore, you should reset the cleaning vacuum cleaner after charging.

However, some Roomba robot series also have recovery and recovery functions. This allows the vacuum cleaner to return to the docking station when it needs to be charged, but can immediately resume cleaning work in the place where it was interrupted when it is fully charged.

Controls & Programming

Every Roomba robot has a Wi-Fi connection, with which you can control the wireless aspiration with the Roomba app on your smartphone or tablet. That way you can activate Roomba to clean up when you do something so that you can do this before you go home.

With the app, you can also schedule Roomba to clean the house within a certain period of time. For example, you may prefer vacuuming when you’re away from home so you don’t mind. The app also allows you to view Roomba’s cleaning history to ensure that some areas of your home have been recently cleaned.

Tangle Free Roller

If you have a pet, choose the Roomba model with tangled rollers. This extractor lifts hair, hair, and other animal waste from the bottom to avoid getting tangled in Rumba’s brush.

In houses with a lot of animal hair, the tangle-free rollers do not attract Roomba, so they can continue to work as efficiently as possible.

High Performance Filter

If you or any other family member is allergic, look for a Roomba robot equipped with a high performance filter. This filter can capture 99% of allergens, pollen and particles up to 10 microns to reduce dandruff at home.

Muti Room Cleaning

If you plan to use Roomba throughout the house and do not have a floor plan, choose a model with the ability to clean several rooms. Roombas uses responsive navigation and sensors to create high-performance cleaning patterns so you can explore furniture and objects without missing a bit.

Clean Map Report

In order to actually keep Roomba’s cleaning work, you can choose a model that provides a clean map report. The Roomba app allows you to view the vacuum cleaner cleaning location as well as the range and duration of each completed cleaning job. This will make your home as clean as you like.

Custom Cleaning Preferences

If you are very careful when cleaning the floor and don’t trust the automatic vacuum cleaner that does the job in the most accurate way, choose a Roomba model that offers personal cleaning preferences.

Custom cleaning preferences allow you to adjust various settings, including power settings, number of cleanings, last edge cleaning, and cleaning modes. To make it even easier, you can use the Roomba app to change the settings of your custom cleaning plan for your home.


Buying a Roomba Robot is an expensive investment, so it is important to buy carefully. You usually pay between 350 and 900 USD for one.

If you only want to use Roomba for maintenance work and still use the traditional heavy vacuum for cleaning floors, opt for a basic model that costs around $375.

If you believe that Roomba performs almost all the cleaning of your home’s floor, choose the highest option with functions for more thorough cleaning. Expect to spend between $600 – $900

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