SOLE F80 Treadmill with Bluetooth Speakers

Best Treadmills SOLE F80 Treadmill with Bluetooth Speakers

The SOLE F80 Treadmil Review Not only is it bigger and better than before, but it also offers many new features and better specifications. Some of the key features are the enhanced 9-inch screen and built-in tablet cradle that offers multi-tasking data syncing, entertainment and training with fitness apps. The impressive specifications of the F80 include a fantastic 22 x 60 super surface, a commercial 3.5 horsepower motor and a maximum power gradient of 15%, making it the number one model on our best list of tapes of running.

These soles provide the SOLE F80 Treadmil Review with an adjustable waist while refining the model, which not only bends at the waist, but also muffles the sound of each step and reduces impact by up to 40% compared to external training.


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Like all Sole Treadmills this year, the new F80 makes training more efficient and effective with 10 scheduled programs, including user-planned exercises. You can choose to display the training program on a 9-inch LCD screen, one of the largest in the series, or on a smartphone or tablet.

Do you want to follow statistics with your favorite fitness application? The unique treadmill offers Bluetooth connectivity for use with the Sole Fitness mobile app, compatible with most iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to connect your mobile device to a normal tape screen and watch movies, read messages, or follow e-books while recording your training data in the background. To keep all your training data in one place, the Sole Fitness app integrates with FitBit, Apple Health and other training apps. Other additions include Bluetooth speakers and USB ports for charging devices.

The F80 saves space and offers protection. The treadmills can be easily folded and stored during training, allowing you to reclaim floor space and also lock it securely to protect the safety of children and animals. If you want to fold the treadmill, simply flip the switch and the deck will fold slowly.

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High Quality Parts
The F80 is built to last and has a commercial quality that will keep the engine running for years and allow comfortable driving. Superior shock absorption increases comfort and lets you enjoy walking and running on the car every day.

Folding Capabilities
Another clear advantage of this treadmill is that it folds easily and saves space. If you’re building a small gym, you can be sure that the F80 will meet your compact space needs. The machine is foldable. Just open the switch and it will fold automatically.

Powerful Motor
The 3.5 hp F80 engine is ideal for those who like heavier people who need a longer and longer engine life. From long distance running to interval training to uphill training, the treadmill effortlessly supports boring training.

Stylish Track Design
The F80 Treadmill offers a spacious platform measuring 22 by 60 inches, making it convenient for large users and those who believe they need more space while running. In addition, it offers a durable two-layer belt and 2.5-inch rollers that help keep the entire machine stationary and reduce wear.

Joint Impact
The premium cushioning system is designed to soothe your joints, so you can work without pain. The whispering bridge of the Cushion Flex minimizes joint impact by 40% compared to running on the road, allowing you to maintain constant training and also minimize injuries.

Reversible Deck
The F80 reversible table helps to extend the life of your machine, so you can easily bend over the platform when one side wears out and uses the other.

Predefined Exercises
Boredom boredom with one of the many predefined training programs. The F80 offers ten integrated training programs to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, cardio improvement, strength development or athletic improvement. To help you keep track of your statistics, the F80 can store up to two different user profiles on the console, so you can easily change your workout with your roommate or friend and still save all the information on the machine.

Nice Screen
Thanks to the 9 inch LCD screen, you will have no problem following your training. Do you prefer fitness apps? The F80 offers secure tablet support, so you can follow the information in the background while enjoying other TV apps, streaming music streaming or whatever else motivates you.

Heart Rate Measurement
It offers screens built into the handrails and the option to use the wireless chest straps included with the purchase.

Security Features
Built for safety, the F80 has a large stop switch, the ability to start at just 0.8 mph and an unobtrusive race hood.

Additional Extras
The F80’s Bluetooth compatibility allows users to transfer training data from the treadmill to a smart device. You can track the progress of the Sole app for free or transfer your training data to fitness apps such as Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun or Apple Health. The F80 also offers built-in cooling fans to keep you comfortable during exercise, an extra box, built-in tablet holder, Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port.

Warranty Information
The F80 offers an excellent warranty package for this type of machine and provides permanent protection for the chassis, engine and axle; 5 years in electronics and parts; and 2 years of delivery.

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Limited Training Types
The F80 offers only 10 integrated training programs. The selection is wide, but some customers may prefer a treadmill that can load a new workout.

Short Side Rails
The handrail is meant for stability, but it’s not the time that some runners want.


Sole F80 is a bestseller and customers will not be disappointed with their purchase. This is a smart mid-range choice between the Sole’s entry-level F63 treadmill and the high-end F85. Overall, this cardio trainer with club quality components and modern, up-to-date features is great value for money.


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