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treadmill desk platinum

Elegant steel meets warm-colored wood with Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Review appeal. Combining serious effort and training, this model NTL99115 offers a large workspace, 2.6 CHP engine, and iFit wireless technology. A small data area is inserted into the work area with speed / incline control. For educational displays and color displays, you can use your own mobile device as an iFit monitor.

Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Review is great value for shoppers who want to walk or walk instead of running. The length is 55 to 55 and is sufficient for most walks and races. However, the maximum speed of the treadmill is only 10 km / h.

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Features & Best Treadmill Desk

  • High Quality Track – The Nordictrack Best Treadmill Desk has a 20 x 55-inch truck and is the industry standard for pedestrian treadmills. To ensure quiet operation and low maintenance costs, the truck has two layers and is lubricated.
  • Incline – Improves metabolism through automatic trends. Walking on a slope increases calories and muscle tone. Power Tilt takes full advantage of Google Maps virtual training on iFit (Subscription Available).
  • iFit Enabled – Keep your training level low or plug your treadmill online. Thanks to the treadmill in manual mode, you can easily adjust speed and incline at any time. For guided training, use the treadmill with an iFit subscription. You can download your computer or smartphone as an iFit HD video workout monitor, Google Maps workout with street scenes, and custom treadmill workouts. iFit also enables advanced data tracking.
  • Excellent Work Surface – The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum is 38 “x 21” wide. This sturdy desk is 1 inch thick and is protected by a stacked mahogany.
  • Silent Motor – Silent conveyor is always better than noise, but most importantly when it’s office space. Fortunately, NordicTrack comes with a comfortable 2.6 CHP engine, a lifetime warranty.
  • Foldable – This tape is very useful if space is limited. You can fold the cover vertically to save space. In this position, the device works like a regular desktop. You can lift the chair and adjust the workspace to fit your height.
  • Shock Absorption – Running on a treadmill is smooth on the joints compared to walking on asphalt. Commercial deck movement for comfortable exercise
  • USB Charging Station – USB charging port is built into the desktop.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – NordicTrack includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for all fitness equipment.

Best Treadmills

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Don’t Like

  • WarrantyNordictrack Treadmill Desk have a short warranty on parts and are only valid for one year. Normal treadmills in this price range usually have spare parts for 3 years. The warranty also covers a year of work. Fortunately, the treadmill body and motor are covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Slow Speed – the maximum speed of this belt is 10 km / h. Most tourists have high speeds on a 10 km / h treadmill. It’s best to choose a treadmill where no one will walk so fast, but not close to the border.
  • Grip Monitor – Heart rate can be measured using the touch sensor on the treadmill steering wheel. This system is not as convenient or accurate as a wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Additional iFit Fees – The treadmill does not contain any predefined exercises and requires a subscription to be able to use the unlimited iFit exercise schedule
  • Manual Height Adjustment – this table with tape does not change height when you touch the button. After setting the height manually, it is set. In this sense, switch to the Platinum desktop.





The Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Simplify different tasks. This is a big advantage at work, and thanks to iFit, it can also be used as a more traditional treadmill. However, treadmills are less durable than regular treadmills, so the warranty period is short. Before you accept the NordicTrack and ProForm options, you should be familiar with them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or |